About SAFE

Self-organising Action for Food Equity (SAFE)

SAFE is a 2 year research project (running until December 2019) with practical aims. It covers 3 cities: Sheffield, Greater Manchester and Gothenburg, all of which are developing comprehensive food strategies.


The project will create an Action Research Team (ART) in each of the three participating cities to manage a small budget for meetings, events, and learning exchange visits between the cities, and to help shape the appropriate digital infrastructure for their city.  The idea behind the project is that by supporting self-organising social networks, we can increase participation in initiatives which enhance food quality, affordability and access in low income communities.


The project is funded by Mistra Urban Futures in Sweden. Mistra Urban Futures is an international research center that receives funding from various sources and aims to produces knowledge that will enable us to develop a sustainable urban futures.


For more information please contact Nick Taylor Buck.