Action Research Teams

To ensure true interdisciplinarity, where possible the membership of each Action Research Team (ART) will be drawn from representatives from the following groups, amongst others:

  • Elected politicians [councillors and/or MPs]
  • Public Health
  • National Health Service
  • Academia
  • NGOs including voluntary and community sector and social enterprises
  • Food producers, suppliers, retailers, industry, logistics
  • Professional bodies
  • Local Government 

The ARTs meet quarterly for two hours each time, and have two main roles:

  1. To take part in optional knowledge sharing activities or site visits
  2. To decide how to use thier allocated budget to kick-start the digital infrastructure that will support the food ecosystem in their city 

Within the constraint of having to have a group that can efficiently and collectively make decisions, membership of the Action Research Teams is open, and if you are interested in being involved please contact Nick Taylor Buck.