In October, three Action Research Team members of the SAFE project (Self-organising Action for Food Equity) visited Gothenburg to share and exchange experiences of working across food sectors to achieve better food systems. We savoured the crisp autumn air and leaves during 3 days of visits and new friends. We were welcomed by Robin Biddulph, who’s leading on SAFE Gothenburg.

Our second guest post by Rene Meijer, Action Research Team member of SAFE, a project aiming to convene spaces for exchanging knowledge and amplifying work towards more urban food systems.

A guest post by Rene Meijer, CEO of FoodWorks and SAFE Sheffield Action Research Team member, reporting part of a series of visits to exchange knowledge on forms and impacts of surplus food redistribution


As part of our work in Greater Manchester, SAFE co-developed an online forum using Discourse software, and logos for 'Good Food Manchester'. 

Visit Greater Manchester Food Forum to see the logos in use.

Authors: Charlie Spring & Nick Taylor Buck, 21st November 2018

A panel of researchers, practitioners and city policy-makers from South Africa, Sweden, Kenya and the UK shared perspectives on urban food system challenges and change at Mistra Urban Futures’ recent ‘Comparative Co-production’ conference. Comparing across global north and south contexts, however blurred that dichotomy, is always challenging, so panellists were asked to respond to a series of questions designed to tease out commonalities and differences between our diverse city homes. 

Author Nick Taylor Buck, 23rd March 2018


Last night I attended a Legup Social event at the Google Garage in Sheffield, where I was ably mentored by Andy Mayer (@andymayer) of Yoomee in all things digital.

After I explained the project and he held his head in his hands for a while, we came up with a set of steps to help us develop the digital infrastructure.

Author: Nick Taylor Buck, 6th March 2018


Greater Manchester's new Mayor, Andy Burnham, has a burning ambition to make Greater Manchester (GM) one of the leading green cities in Europe. In pursuit of his goal to become a zero carbon city, he is holding a Green Summit on 21st March 2018.