A guest post by Rene Meijer, CEO of FoodWorks and SAFE Sheffield Action Research Team member, reporting part of a series of visits to exchange knowledge on forms and impacts of surplus food redistribution

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Authors: Charlie Spring & Nick Taylor Buck, 21st November 2018

A panel of researchers, practitioners and city policy-makers from South Africa, Sweden, Kenya and the UK shared perspectives on urban food system challenges and change at Mistra Urban Futures’ recent ‘Comparative Co-production’ conference. Comparing across global north and south contexts, however blurred that dichotomy, is always challenging, so panellists were asked to respond to a series of questions designed to tease out commonalities and differences between our diverse city homes. 

Author Nick Taylor Buck, 23rd March 2018


Last night I attended a Legup Social event at the Google Garage in Sheffield, where I was ably mentored by Andy Mayer (@andymayer) of Yoomee in all things digital.

After I explained the project and he held his head in his hands for a while, we came up with a set of steps to help us develop the digital infrastructure.

Author: Nick Taylor Buck, 6th March 2018


Greater Manchester's new Mayor, Andy Burnham, has a burning ambition to make Greater Manchester (GM) one of the leading green cities in Europe. In pursuit of his goal to become a zero carbon city, he is holding a Green Summit on 21st March 2018.