Case Study Examples

Here are a selection of case study projects (not all food based) that had already achieved the type of coordinated impact we envisaged in the SAFE project.


Growing Middlesbrough brought together more than 1,000 citizens so people could source food closer to home and effectively link the many people and organisations. Culmination was an annual ‘Town Meal’ - a celebration of local food growing and eating.


Feeding Milan intended to design a more efficient and effective agri-food chain. Developed services such as the ‘Earth Market’, a local ‘bread chain’, a veg box scheme, the creation of a local distribution hub in the city, and a vegetable garden in the campus of Politecnico di Milano. 


Cleaning day Helsinki occurs twice a year. People are encouraged to sell, swap and donate unused possessions. Developed from an initial conversation between friends, via Facebook posts, to a working group of active people that created a platform (tools, information, resources, communication channels)